The UKRPROMMASH Group was founded in 1999. For more than 10 years of successful work we have combined a number of industrial and commercial companies of different business sectors: machine building, shipbuilding and servicing of ships, woodworking, construction, real estate, agriculture, wholesale trade, transportation and customs brokerage services, development of investment projects. The UKRPROMMASH group includes plants, production and commercial enterprises with an extensive branches network throughout Ukraine.

For the period of its activity UKRPROMMASH has established close cooperation with numerous partners, both domestically and abroad, including major national and international manufacturers of different industries: rail transport, public transportation, agriculture, mining and energy industry.

The main contribution to the development of the company has been made by our strong team of high-level professionals and over 700 employees. The company UKRPROMMASH has established itself as a reliable and stable supplier providing its customers and partners with the guaranteed high quality products and services. On the machine building plants the modern quality management system ISO 9001:2008 was implemented.


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20 February 2024
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