Agricultural business

Agricultural enterprise AGROPROMMASH (member of the UKRPROMMASH GROUP) was founded 2010. The total area under cultivation is about 6500 hectares in Borodyanka and Makarov districts of the Kiev region, Ukraine.

The company has all necessary agricultural engineering, experienced agronomists and other workforce. The high professionalism of our employees enables to receive excellent results on yield capacity and quality of the agricultural products.

AGROPROMMASH owns capital assets, which enable to perform the complete plant production cycle including long-term storage in own storage facilities situated close to our farm fields.

Our main specialization has been crop growing with main products: corn, wheat, rye, soya, rape, sunflower seeds. But we increase our products range and areas under cultivation. Since 2013 AGROPROMMASH actively growing vegetables, first of all potato, flax, pumpkin seeds and the newly acquired fields mostly match this cultures.

All our products are GMO-free and meet all national and international standards.

For this time our products have been distributed mostly within Ukraine. But our constantly increasing volumes and quality enables us to export our products to other countries worldwide.

Should you have interest on any kind of cooperation please feel free to contact us for negotiations!

We are open to discuss all your ideas and proposals!

Agricultural business Agricultural business

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