Budivelnik Ltd.

Scientific-Production Company BUDIVELNIK was founded in 1993 and specializes primarily in construction of commercial buildings and low-rise housing stock up to 15 meters.

Our seventeen years of experience in construction and human resource policies of the company allowed us to create a team of highly qualified professionals able to implement the most complicated projects. Our top-notch specialists can perform a complete cycle of industrial and civil construction, from land allocation, documentation preparing, organization and execution of construction processes and ending with the management and sale of residential and commercial property.

The activity of BUDIVELNYK covers the entire range of construction and finishing works and further maintenance of facilities after putting them into operation.

List of works executed by our company:

  • Engineering preparation for construction.

  • Clearing, drainage areas.

  • Demolition of buildings, structures.

  • Development of pits and trenches deeper than 2 m.

  • Strengthening and replacement of soils, foundations of modular and monolithic.

  • Construction work on the construction of bearing and fencing structures of buildings: - Stone and reinforced masonry made of brick, stone, blocks up to 15 m; - Wood, individual structural elements of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete (precast, monolithic).

  • Work on the restoration and replacement of the facades, facing the interior, ceilings, floors, roofs, painting.

  • Waterproofing, thermal insulation and corrosion protection of structures.

  • Installation of internal engineering systems, networks, water supply and sanitation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Director - Maystrenko Viktor Nikolaevich

Kiev region, Kiev Sviatoshinsky rayon, Gorenka, Sadova str., 20V.

Tel.: +38 (044) 200-41-10.

Fax: +38 (044) 200-41-20

E-mail: budivelnic@meta.ua

+38 (044) 200-4150 / 200-4120