JSC Berislav machine building plant

JSC Berislav machine building plant JSC ôBerislav machine building plant" - the enterprise with more than a century-long history, specializes in the manufacture of attached implements for locomotive and marine diesel engines produced in Ukraine and other CIS countries. During these years the plant mastered the production of oil and fuel filters, water coolers, oil coolers and charge air coolers for the assembly of diesel engines CHN 18/20, 18/22, 21/21, 26/26, 23/30, 25/34 , 30/38, 31/36, 40/46 for the purposes of diesel engine manufacturers.

Currently the plant is the sole manufacturer of the mentioned attached implements in Ukraine and delivers them to many countries of the world.

In recent years the plant also mastered the spare parts production for the following types of diesel engines K6S310DR, 5D49, 14D40, 12VFE 27853, M756 B, D50, 10D100, 211 W and compressors K2-LOK, CT-6, EK7A, MC 135, K1. For diesels CHN 26/26, 6CHN31/36, 12DN23/30, 12CHN18/20- the plant mastered the production of sleeves and cylinder liners for diesel CHN 26/26 and production of water pump. Among recent products are perforator drill bits for drilling holes in strong and very hard rocks for extraction of ore and nonmetallic minerals.

The company produces air, piston, dual row, vertical-type electric compressor 2OK1.E for running of the ship's diesel engines, diesel-electric installations as well as provisioning with compressed air of production plants, test facilities, service stations and other household objects. Electric compressor is available in the sea (with acceptance Maritime Register of Shipping) and industrial design.

JSC ôBerislav machine building plant" has implemented modern quality management system according to the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008

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