Drill bits

UKRPROMMASH has many years of experience in manufacturing of drill bits. The main consumers of such products are mining and stone processing factories of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries.

Quality, reliability and durability of the given products are the main principles making us a reliable supplier and partner.

Technical characteristics of drill bits:

TYPENominal diameter, mmRock hardness acc. to ProtodiakonovConnection technique
KNTU 36-2-12--3-736up to 18Cone
KNTU 40-4-12--3-740up to 18Cone
KNTU 38-4-12--3-7 40up to 18Cone
KNTU 38-4-12--4-8 4018-20Cone
KNTU 41-4-12--3-741up to 18Thread
KNTU 46-4-12--3-7 46up to 18Thread
KNTU 46-4-12--4-8 4618-20Thread
KNTU 51-4-12--4-7 51up to 18Thread
KNTU 85-6-12--3-7 85up to 18Wedge
KNTU 105-14-12-l-3-8 105up to 18Wedge
KNTU 110-17-12-B-3-4 110up to 18Bayonet
KNTU 110-17-12-B-4-5 11018-20Bayonet

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